Program Details
  • All commissions are paid in Euro if the transaction is in Euro, and in DTCoin if the transaction is in DTCoin
  • All commissions are calculated on 50% of the commission withholding FMC (see table)
  • Earn 60% commission on 1st level 30% commission on 2nd level and 10% commission on 3rd level
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite directly or indirectly.
  • To receive commissions, the registered user must be registered via your link.
  • FMC will check for published or false accounts and will not pay commissions for them. Furthermore, if it deems it appropriate, it may decide to block the false account.

* Important Notice:

We reserve the right to modify the referral program at any time by giving an advance notice of 15 days

User fees

Add new credit
 3% In Euro
DTCoin Sale
1,5% In Euro
Transfer from wallet to wallet
0,95% In DTCoin
Transfer to DTPay
0,95% In DTCoin
Trasfer in Dpos (dtcash)
0,95% In DTCoin

Commissions for affiliates

50% on Euro/DTCoin
1° level
2° level
3° level