FMC is a new way of doing exchange trading using an innovative and revolutionary algorithm that allows a quick exploitation of the coin, limiting the risks of ordinary trading and managing the typical fluctuations in a controlled way, through a new concept of cycle valorization.

FMC requires each currency, to be admitted to trading, a reference underlying as the equivalent of the tokens, placed on the market. The underlying can guarantee the currency for a pre-established time or indefinitely

The algorithm developed by MCR for DT Coin follows the principle of trading cycles present on FMC, according to the market application directives but with a series of variable parameters in order to make DT Coin unique compared to other currencies listed on the Forced Market Cap
Thanks to the prerogative of trading cycles, FMC allows you to experience the approach to digital coins as if it were a skill trading game but with initial investment capital guaranteed by the value of the underlying and potentially unlimited gain. This applies to all coins admitted and listed on its exchange.

Trading in FMC becomes the opportunity to manage bargaining as in a skill game, in which skill, choice of time and concentration, allow you to overcome the irrational chaos of the background noise, typical of every stock exchange, fully experiencing the emotion which offers volatility without the risk of remaining without capital due to sudden changes in trend.

The reconstruction of what happens in every exchange, is present on FMC in every cycle of negotiations, during which the best and sometimes the lucky ones, will ride with high profits the wave of the market knowing also, to always have the certainty that at each end of the cycle prices are rebalanced through compensating algorithms.