This platform, that, as first in the world had adopted a new concept of forced capitalization through a cycles market, is in constant evolution to be every day more performing for the use and the the purpose for which it was conceived.

In FMC, the coin trend is predictable and stable and probably, when our volumes will be fully operational, (today is too young and unknown) could represent the first exchange platform to give the birth to a new way to use and own Crypto currency.

Our technical operators, today had further expanded management of the market that now, for the first time, will count the user profile in the sales management, giving many different priorities in the sell orders inserted from the members, priority that will be automatically assigned to each account, on the basis of some relevant factors:

  • volumes generated in purchase
  • frequency of sales and conversion into FIAT currency
  • portfolio holding times

To simplify the operation to those members that had never made sells o withdrawals, they will have the priority on that members that usually sell or withdraw.

It is correct in our opinion, in these first moments of life of the FMC market (remembering once again that the volumes generated by the market in 6 months, cannot obviously be comparable to cryptocurrencies traded globally for many years), give greater priority to the sell to those members who made significant purchases without ever proceeding with the sales or conversions in FIAT, as this could be indicative of a real need of the user, compared to those who make daily sales and withdrawals only to perform speculative trading. High priority will also be given to those that make trading, in order to increase the number of coins in the portfolio, compared to those who make purchases of little value and then proceed to their immediate sale and conversion in FIAT currency, index of a propensity to speculation that is certainly facilitated in a market where the value of the coin is forced to growth.

This change of our management algorithm of the trading, which will be introduced operatively from the 26th of April, is another step for the benefit of everyone that is looking to FMC for the future and reinforces FMC’s supporting “leitmotiv” even more: “buy as soon as you can, sell as late as you can”.

A further step towards the perfection of an innovation that has no history and of which today we have the opportunity to be the spectators in the front row and forerunners, albeit with many things still to be improved.